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Currently On Tour

The Originators - Las Vegas, NV

Rock, ska, punk, funk, jazz and more rock. Something for everyone.

Pretend 2 Believe - Ramah, New Mexico


The Upperclassmen - Washington, D.C.

Electro alt hip-hop.

Matthew Wilner - Charlottesville, Virginia

Jazz and Blues.

The Nuclears - NYC

Glam Rock . . . leaning more toward the rock.

Circle 9 - Baltimore, Maryland

Alt-country hard rocking boys from Baltimore with a country edge.

Judson Clinton - Layette, Indiana

Alt-jazz world-beat.


Los Hermanos Rodrigues - Washington D.C.

Power-pop trio with a punk edge and surfy ska style.

Lust and Envy - Washington D.C.

It's just straight-up rock.

Trip Lizard - NOVA

Party band leaning toward the alt-funk side.

Colonel Klink - Washington, D.C.

Straight-up surf!

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